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About the Designer


Meet Our Designer

Growing up surrounded by creative women, Olivia Wallauer Gray has always had a passion for the arts. That devotion for creating shines through in the high-quality clothing Olivia designs and sustainability practices she’s committed to consistently developing.

As an Immaculata University graduate, Olivia immediately began incorporating sustainability practices into her design concepts—from sourcing to lasting design trends and even proper recycling of unused materials. She continued evolving these practices in her internships with Darci Henry Beauty, Komar Brands, and QVC.

Partnered with CircularPath, Olivia is committed to avoiding all environmentally harmful aspects of fast fashion. Because being part of a niche brand isn’t just about getting new designs in the hands of consumers. To Olivia, it’s about an authentic, sustainable line of work that benefits the world as a whole—straight from the heart of a small, devoted team.

Our Mission

The Circular Path reflects and respects the Circle of Life, which depends on humanity doing what is right for the earth. We are taking ultimate responsibility for the state of the planet, and are actively making changes to our processes to protect all life.

We deeply understand how every step of clothing production negatively impacts the earth.

Our mission is to stop taking new materials from the earth and the animals, and re-use the overabundance of already-made materials.

We simply use the high-quality products clothing manufacturers have already created and discarded, transforming them into new, beautiful creations that consumers can continue wearing for years to come.

This system we employ is turning all things to good by undoing the negative impact of clothing production. This is the only path to save the earth: The Circular Path.

Join us on the journey to looking great in quality-made clothing, while being kind to Mother Earth.

Walk the Circular Path

How We Keep Our Sustainability Promise

We don’t believe in remaining stagnant—in anything. Our creativity permeates into everything we do, including the evolutionary ways we’re practicing sustainability.

When sourcing materials, we look for Global Recycled Standard (GRS) symbols and only work with mills with that certification. All of our garments have those certifications. We also have our workplace conditions audited and are fully compliant to local law and our own specific set of requirements. As we set our sights on continually evolving and improving both our sustainability and quality standards, we promise to remain transparent with our consumers about our products.